“Heidi is a powerful, dynamic speaker – wonderful in front of a large audience, and equally engaging in a small group setting. It’s not just that the account of her personal and professional life is interesting and poignant, it’s that she delivers it with such sincerity and humility that everyone in the room feels a connection. Highest favorable rating from event attendees for any outside speaker we have ever had.”

– Joe Stewart

Executive Director, NC FreeEnterprise Foundation

“Launching a franchise is not for the faint of heart, but when you love what you do as much as Heidi Ganahl does and so wonderfully describes in this book of inspiration, the risks and challenges are just way stations on the road to a greater goal. It also helps to have customers who immediately show their satisfaction with yelps of joy and wagging tails.”

– Matthew Shay
President and CEO, International Franchise Association

“We definitely made the right choice with Heidi Ganahl from Camp Bow Wow as keynote speaker for our Ladies Who Launch Leading Lady Awards. It’s always refreshing to find an incredibly successful businesswoman who is authentic, transparent and in touch with the things that truly matter in life. The women were beyond impressed by Heidi’s honesty, passion and ability to ride the ups and downs of life. Heidi is truly an inspiration to all the women out there who have been waiting for perfection to tap them on the shoulder. She embodies the notion of taking chances, chasing dreams, and living the life you always imagined.”

– Ricki Booker
Ladies Who Launch, Colorado Market Leader

“Heidi’s talk received some of the best reviews we’ve ever gotten from our membership. Her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for her business really engaged our audience.”

– Debbie Anastasi
Executive Director, Boulder Marketing Group